So, as any new blogger would say…I’m new at this, please hang in there with me. Actually, I tried blogging once before and failed…it was about running.  A joke really, a blog about me trying to run?!  Gag…someday perhaps, I’m still dreaming. This time around, I decided to write about something I’m passionate about.  My girls.

I started this blog because I want my children to have a place to go just in case I’m not here tomorrow. Same is true for my incredible husband and my friends and my family and the strangers I have yet to meet, however…this blog is really intended for my girls.

There is so much I want to share with them, and unfortunately the day to day encouragement, mealtime check-in, carpool convos, Sunday reflections, timeout debates, pep talks, negotiations, and every day discussions simply aren’t enough. Sometimes I feel like my head could explode with all the things I want to teach them, or warn them of, or make recommendations for, or show them, or…you get the point.  Perhaps there are others who can relate and if so, great.  If not, no problem…remember, this is for my girls but I’m certainly happy you stopped by.  I hope from your comments, they can learn from you as well.  : )