Girls –

By the time you read this, all the tabloids will have moved onto some other shallow subject.  I almost regretted using Kim Kardashian’s divorce as a topic, because I hate gossip magazines.  Then again you already know this, so there must be some method to my madness, right?! Well not really, okay, kind of.  I’m just trying to make the point that this can happen to you too, not just celebrities.  

(<—— She is such a beautiful woman isn’t she?!  Just please don’t wear dresses this tight. Cutting off your rear end circulation is no bueno.)

Minus the multi-million dollar lavish wedding, Kim’s situation really isn’t that unfamiliar these days.  I’m afraid as you grow older it may become more and more common for people to marry based on falling prey to pomp and circumstance rather than counting the cost of commitment. I don’t know the details of why Kim’s marriage didn’t last (other than irreconcilable differences), which could mean anything from he wouldn’t put the toilet seat down to she believes the toothpaste needs to be squeezed from the bottom up.  Alright, I’m sure it’s much more serious than that, and I’m not here to pass judgement on what happened and I don’t really care.  (Not in a mean way, you know what I mean…just that it doesn’t matter).  I only know that it lasted just over 70 days and you could find yourselves in a similar situation if you don’t think long and hard about who you choose to spend the rest of your life with.  Don’t listen to the things he says, watch what he does and how he treats others.

You know…there are some couples out there who knew each other for a very short time, got engaged and married shortly thereafter….and are PERFECTLY happy. There are also some friends who chose not to get married and they are PERFECTLY happy.  You have to make the decision that is best for you…not others.

When and if you decide to marry, please take is seriously.  Most importantly, take the time to count the cost.  Marriage isn’t always fun.  It’s hard, but worth it. Especially if you marry your best friend.  Your best friend will make the bad times bearable and the good times fantastic.  Date long enough to know their character and continue to date during your marriage on a regular basis.  No matter how tempted you are, don’t cut each other down with degrading comments or remarks. Follow some of this advice and you and your hubby will be saying “Bow chicka wow wow!” long after the marriage nuptials.

Hey, I just remembered something.  I believe you two have an agreement with your dad.  Something like you need to be 102 years old before you get married? In that case, this blog doesn’t apply to you so just share it with your girlfriends when they start talking about getting married.

P.S.  Just in case I’m not here tomorrow, I know you are going to make incredible wives. Don’t rush it, there is no reason to hurry.  Marry someone like your dad.  Finally, refer to 1 Corinthians 13:4-13 for the best definition of what you and your soul mate should and should not possess.  I love you girls!