On Halloween weekend, we were getting ready to go to ‘Boo at the Zoo’ in Denver. Faith, you were pretty excited and getting a little restless waiting for us to leave.  You let out a heavy sigh.  I said, “Put words to that sigh and tell me what’s wrong.”  You said, “If we don’t hurry up, Denver is going to close!”


Tonight, I put you girls to bed a little later than normal.  Jordan, you were dead tired when I said, “Girls, let’s say our prayers and then get into bed.” You knelt down on your knees and just about the moment before you started your bedtime prayer you started giggling.  Your giggle turned into uncontrollable laughter as you tried to explain that you almost started singing the alphabet to God.  This made Faith laugh and she said, “Like this Jordan….Dear God, ABCDEFG….” In between laughs you said, “Yeah…that was crazy, I don’t know why I was going to do that, but I was really going to sing it to Him!”