Dear Faith,

Tonight your dad and I were getting dinner ready in the kitchen.  I told him when I picked you up from Montessori today you said you had a question you wanted to ask me.  I continued to drive, “Okay, go ahead and ask me.”  You took a deep breath and said, “Mommy, have you ever been to jail?”

You are 4 years old right now.  I’m not sure why you thought to ask me that, perhaps it was your observation of me speeding, or testing (stealing) a grape at the grocery store.  Either way, the answer was, “No, why are you asking me that?” You laughed, a disturbing laugh and said, “Just because I want to know”.  I don’t know what you are up to, but I’m afraid it has something to do with law enforcement.


After I told your dad the story, he said that you two were reading books on the couch last night together.  You were reading through your stack of books like most four year olds do, creatively making up the story line as it fits with the pictures.  You were flipping the pages and stopped in the middle of your sentence and asked, “Daddy, if there is a bad word on this page, can I read it?”  Your dad said, “Yeah, sure.” You then proceeded to read with great enthusiasm, “You are the stupidest teacher, EVER!”.  You looked at your dad in order to make sure you weren’t in trouble for what you just said.  He asked, “How do you know that is what the book says?”  You replied matter of factually, “Dad, you already KNOW that I can’t read.”

That is some pretty funny stuff.  I think a psychologist would have fun with that last story.  Especially since you asked if you could read what it says, and then later plead innocent that you couldn’t read.  I love you Faith!