Hi Girls,

It’s nice to be nice.  There are few better ways to show this to people you don’t know, than to hold the door open for others.  Jordan, you are excellent at this!  You should always hold the door open for:

  • Elderly
  • Parents with strollers
  • Anyone who is right behind you
  • People who are using crutches, or struggling to walk
  • Anyone with their arms full

Door-opening is an act of politeness and shouldn’t be considered a gender act. Whatever you do, please do not stand in front of a door and wait for a man to open it as if you are expecting him to open it for you.  I know some women feel strongly about this, but my opinion is that you are able bodied, you can open the door for yourself.  It isn’t your job to teach a man chivalry, they are either going to do it or they’re not.

However, if a gentleman offers to open a door for you, don’t turn it down and feel like you have to do it yourself to prove anything.  Always be sure to use your manners and thank anyone who holds the door for you.

1 John 3:18
Let’s not just say that we love each other. Let’s show it by our actions.

Just in case I’m not here tomorrow, open doors for others and be mindful of opportunities to show kindness in small ways.

I love you!!  Mom