My name is Ellen, although the name I’m referred to most often is Mom.  I have three daughters, two of whom I am currently raising and feel blessed beyond measure that God has given me this incredible job.  This blog is for my girls, just in case I’m not here tomorrow.  The same is true for my incredible husband and my friends and my family and the strangers I have yet to meet.

However, this blog is really intended for you, Jordan and Faith.

There is so much I want to share with you.  Unfortunately the day to day encouragement, mealtime check-in, carpool convos, Sunday reflections, timeout debates, pep talks, negotiations, and every day discussions simply aren’t enough. Often times I think about all the things I haven’t taken full advantage of being able to teach you, or warn you of, or make recommendations for, or show you, or praise you for, or…you get the point.  A lot happens in a 24 hour period and I don’t possess any magical powers to capture all of it.  This site provides an avenue for me to bottle some of those moments and/or my thoughts so that they can be delivered to you at a later date (Lord willing, much, much, much later).  Most of what I type probably already happened, but it will serve as a good reminder.  My ultimate hope is that this blog will be a good way for me to help record some of what I want to share with you, and even some things that perhaps are not age appropriate for you now…but in time, could be just what you need.

For others out there, you may or may not relate to this blog.  If not, no worries…remember, this is for my girls.  I’m certainly happy you stopped by to read, follow, stalk, and/or comment.  You are more than welcome to read my thoughts and pass judgement on what I already know to be a work in progress.  : )  I look forward to your comments and hope that from them, my girls can learn from you as well.


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