Funny things you say or do…

Oh how you girls make me laugh!  There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t laugh at something either of you say.  You both are hilarious!  I’ve got to write down some of the things you say more often…or people will be right and I’ll forget! I can’t let that happen.

Therefore, I’m dedicating your very own category on this blog to ‘Funny things you say or do’.  This way, I’ll have a place to store your wit, humor, and charm.  In years to come, when you discover I’ve posted some of this, you will be embarrassed, perhaps even mortified….but in time, you will come to appreciate your innocence and humor in much of the same way I have enjoyed it.

Just in case I’m not here tomorrow, know that I love your sense of humor and encourage you to use it daily, laughing is so good for you!


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